Every life is made up from thousands upon thousands of memories. Achievements, milestones, events, celebrations or just fleeting moments. Often our memories are all around us in our home. Shoe boxes full of old photos, dusty old camcorder tapes at the back of cupboards, files on computers, smart phones, CDs and even in emails. Unless you capture these moments and keep them safe it’s all too easy for them to fade away, get lost or even damaged.

That’s why we’ve set up thememorybox.com. It’s a safe and secure home for all those precious memories, an interactive compilation of stories, celebrations and special times to share with friends and family for generations to come. We help you to organise and add your personal memories to photos, videos, sound recordings and documents to record you own life, your children’s, remember a loved one or just reminisce about the good old days. To be one of the first to experience thememorybox.com and receive up to 4 apps free as one of the first to subscribe click here and we'll drop you a line when we are ready to launch.

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